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innovation & education

Innovation Transfer in continUous education of an integrated model Based on pErsonalization and Digital Portfolio.



Education and training opportunities for all!

I TUBE project represents a precious opportunity to enhance and perfect the methodological approach of PEAPEDA through its practical implementation within the application of the Digital Portfolio.

This time the target group considered will be adults workers at risk of leaving or have left the labor market.

The purpose of I TUBE is to merge the model of personalizator of the PEAPEDA project with the tool of the Digital Portfolio of the TIPEIL project.

In this way we want to test a new instrument that will serve to evaluate and oriente the skills of adult workers.

A necessary phase of integration with the TIPEIL results and adaptation to continuous training is requested and planned. The expectation is to conduct to the realization of a new and original result, tested, verified and exploited at an European level.

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